March 28, 2022

▪️🅼🅴🅼🅾🆁🆈▪️I took this photo in Toronto, back in 2017, when I had just finished my last #shamanic workshop for a while. I felt that I had so much #spiritual knowledge and #EnergyWork information and practica crammed into my head over the preceding few months (#shamanism, #reiki, #crystals, #ChakraBalancing...), that I probably could use a little break in order to allow myself time to process it all. More importantly, I needed time and space to incorporate it into my quest for a more balanced and fulfilled life for myself, my family, my city, my country, my planet, and my universe.
Little did I know that these workshops will lead me to a brand new energetic existence, with my own experienced #ShamanicExtraction and #SoulRetrieval re-balancing my energy field overtime, changing the function of my body and spirit, and changing my relationship to my traumas, which, for decades, acted as barriers, preventing me from being able to live a fully present life.
When you’ve tried everything, including talk therapy and other traditional (and some less traditional) methods to heal yourself, and nothing seems to bring you a true balance and peace within yourself, I recommend learning about and beginning to incorporate these types of energy methodologies into your daily life. Even the smallest bits of knowledge and practice can make a huge difference to how you feel in the world, and, by extension, how you show up for your loved ones. These ancient methods have been respected and utilized for thousands of years for a reason - they work. Namaste 🙏.


February 28th, 2022

🌞❄️🍄🌴🌬What would we be if we lost everything? Would we rediscover that we have something else - something even more precious than material possessions? Something even more eternal than rooms full of crystals, shelves bursting with collections, spaces that look just perfect for Instagram? Or would we feel empty without our things, like a bird without wings? Do you know how to find the eternal in nature, away from the comfort of your perfectly-curated space? It’s something I am always learning, an ability I am forever growing in, taking me back to past lives of wandering this earth as a monk without material things. Nature still has all we need… even now that she is wounded. She is our womb in this life and beyond.🌳🌻🦉🦅🐺🐝


January 13, 2022
🔮Saw this and wanted to share. Do fellow #ReikiHealers, #Shamanic healers, #CrystalHealers or other energetic practitioners find that this relates to you? Do you feel that your abilities of hyper-sensitivity to others’ feelings and those of nature are a burden, or a gift 🎁? What are some of the methods you’ve worked out to keep yourself grounded as you move through your human journey?🌟

• ✨For me, my hyper-sensitivity was definitely a burden I didn’t know how to live with until my late 20s. My gifts seemed to be curses that brought me to the brink of suicide, simply wanting the pain to cease. Eventually, I was called to begin a journey of self-isolation and rewiring, a shamanic death whereby I was taken apart into pieces and built back together, if these words can even fully describe that experience. My invisible helpers taught me new methods of learning to cherish my sensitivity, learning to live with it. Methods like yoga, meditation, altar-keeping, spirit-journeying, and #Talisman-making. Eventually, I was able to learn how to utilize my characteristics as a tool in seeing others’ suffering and offering healing beyond “talk therapy”, which my psychology teachers taught was the end all and be all of healing. People who are “unusual” are so often misunderstood, ignored, and bullied, and those are often the very people who came down here to this planet to share healing with the whole world. If you are a hyper sensitive, know you’re not alone. Don’t give up, as there is still so much more beauty to experience in this world 🌎. Namaste 🙏 .