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✨Sparkly Chain Necklaces

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Light and sparkly glass-bead chains with gorgeous pendants, perfect for layering with other Mystiq necklaces! Each will be cleansed With sage and other magick, and lovingly imbued with healing #reiki energy before shipping. Length of chains: 17.5”. Currently available in black and silver versions. 

1. The Tree Of Life - This tree represents our connection to the forest, and reminds us of the strength available to us if we reconnect with trees and their wisdom. Also represents the ancient Tree of Life symbol, reminding us of the interconnectedness of everything in our universe, as well as the tree’s immortality by bearing its seeds, thereby sending its essence into the future, via producing the next generation. Overall, a symbol of a long, fruitful, and meaningful life. 

2. The Hamsa is an ancient symbol of protection, especially against psychic attacks and negative energy from others. The hand represents the hand of god, blocking away negative energies at the source, preventing them from reaching the bearer of the symbol.

3. The Flower of Life is an incredibly powerful symbol, coming from the ancient collection of knowledge within the Kabbalah. It represents the interconnectedness of every being and system in our universe - the oversight team of the creator, who made a universe that fits together perfectly. This symbol reminds us that everything has a purpose - even if we can’t see it, and that people, animals, events and even the laws of physics are all part of an intricate, perfect tapestry where everything fits exactly where it should. Beautiful symbol for meditating on, as it can help us reach higher states of understanding. 

4. The Oak Leaf is another beautiful reminder of the forest for those who love nature, and the peace that we can achieve via our connection with it. The oak tree is a tall, strong being, reminding us that if our roots are strong, we, too, can weather the storm of life. 

5. The Moon and star remind the wearer of the moon - a source of intuition that offers guidance, and helps us to see what’s hidden in the shadows. The stars literally guide our path, as a sort of cosmic compass.  

Materials Used

✨Sparkly glass-bead chains

✨Sterling Silver, stainless steel & Silver-plated metal.


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