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🌙 Moon And Sun LapisLazuli Necklace💙

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LapisLazuli TasselNecklace for those who love the colour blue💙. Blue is calming, facilitates communication, and balances the
Throat Chakra🔷. Lapis cultivates within the wearer better self awareness, more honest self-expression, and the qualities of compassion, honesty, and integrity🔹🙏🏻💙. The sun and moon dangle will remind the wearer that we are driven by a pattern bigger than ourselves, a cosmic, mystical wave of energy that has rhythms 🌙✨.She is to be cleansed with #sage and intent🔥, and lovingly imbued with healing #Reiki energy before shipping 🙌🏻⚡️.

Length: about 22”. 
weight: about 50g. 

Materials used:

✨Semi-precious stone (Lapis Lazuli)

✨High Quality black / blue glass beads 

✨Sterling Silver & Silver-plated Metal

✨Metal wire 


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