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🌙Opalite & Moonstone CrescentMoon Necklace

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🤍Opalite is a beautiful, translucent white stone believed to improve communication - especially in the spiritual realm. It helps to remove blockages among all the chakras, thereby balancing the wearer’s energy flow and improving all aspects of life, from self-confidence, to the ability to nurture others, to connecting with the universe. Opalite is also a great stone to support us during difficult life transitions.  To learn more about the healing properties of Opalite, visit the Crystal Library.

🌙Moonstone is another translucent crystal, and can look quite similar to Opalite. It is believed to be a stone of new beginnings, further helping to support the wearer during difficult times of transition. Moonstone is felt to calm the emotions, promote intuition, and bring success in matters related to our success in social situations, such as relationships and business. 

💫This classic, timeless creation is made with lots of love, attention to detail, and intent to raise consciousness. The selection of stones is meant to soothe, calm, and help the wearer deal with whatever life may bring. The crescent moon Opalite pendant reminds its wearer of the intuitive, energy of the moon, which has been bringing strength and connecting us to the universe since time immemorial. Hanging Length: about 11” or 28cm🔮. To be cleansed with sage, sound and other methods, then lovingly imbued with healing Reiki energy 🙌🏻 before shipping to you. 

Materials used:

✨Semi-precious stone (Opalite, Moonstone)

✨High quality black glass beads

✨Sterling silver and silver-plated metal parts

✨Metal necklace wire


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