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🌸Pyrite Flower Of Life Earrings

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Pyrite is a highly protective stone, shielding its wearer from any negative energies or intentions 🖤. Pyrite also promotes physical health and balance, as well as general emotional welbeing🌛. 🌸The Flower or Life is one of the most powerful  symbols in SacredGeometry, originating in the #Kabbalah and representing the order inherent in the universe, incorporated into each particle by the word of the creator. Together, this stone and symbol make quite the combination, resulting in these earrings holding incredible spiritual power.

Pictured is the metallic hematite version, with the customer photo showing the pyrite version of this design, as Pyrite is much lighter, and more suitable for earrings. 


Materials used:

Semi-precious stone (Pyrite) 

✨Silver-plated metal parts 

Sterling silver earring hooks 


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