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Feminine Empowerment Bracelets

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💞This unique, spring-inspired Collection began with a custom design🥰. Made with frosted Rose Quartz beads, these bracelets will subtly balance the heart chakra, and help the wearer feel more nurturing and more patient ♥️💕.

➡️Please leave wrist measurement in notes, or some idea of size (e.g., “large wrists”, “tiny wrists”), if this item is a surprise gift 🎁.⬅️

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Materials used:

✨Semi-precious beads (Rose Quartz, matte Black Onyx, and black Hematite) 

✨Silver-plated Metal 

✨Bracelet stretch cord

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1️⃣. Matte Black Onyx - will protect the wearer from having her energy drained by others (or even by other negative energies, such as bad weather☁️). The black hematite beads add physical weight and a grounding, centering vibration, as well as a shinier, more refined design⚡️.

2️⃣. Lava Rock - This design includes Hematite too, but instead of Black Onyx, it’s made with Lava Rock beads. Lava rock is a spongy, rough surface that balances beautifully with the smoothness of Hematite. The stone is a protector, and connects the wearer to Gaia, as lava rock comes from the earth’s volcanoes. These bracelets are also mobile essential oil diffusers, and can help energize or calm you throughout the day, as needed, with your favourite scents.

3️⃣. “Heart’s Protection” - This bracelet is made with a beautiful rose quartz heart bead in the center, surrounded by rose quartz and black onyx beads, for protection.

4️⃣. Entire stack! Get the entire stack for $10 less than the price of all three separately 💕. This option qualifies you for free tracked shipping in North America😍. 

Each will be saged 🔥,  & lovingly Imbued with healing reiki energy before shipping to you. 

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