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Juicy Amethyst Chunk Bracelets / Stacks

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All the bracelets in this collection are designed with a sparkly, beautiful Amethyst chunk at the center. Amethyst  is a spiritually-mature, old-soul vibration, attracting energy toward the #ThirdEye & #CrownChakra, improving intuition and connecting us with the divine🔮.

➡️ Please leave wrist measurement in notes, or some idea of size (e.g., “large wrists”, “tiny wrists”), if this item is a surprise gift 🎁. ⬅️

Materials used:

✨Semi-precious beads (Amethyst chunks and beads, Rose Quartz, Black Onyx, Hematite, Howlite, Fluorite) 

✨Silver-plated Metal 

✨Bracelet stretch cord


1️⃣. Rose Quartz bracelet Made with the beautiful, pink stone that balances the Heart Chakra, thereby granting the wearer patience, inner harmony, ability to love oneself and others, and a gentleness of spirit 💓. Overtime, Rose Quartz is Also believed to balance the function of the physical heart. Stack Also includes a matching Rose Quartz bracelet with Hematite Arrow Beads, called “Inner Direction”. The arrows are meant to spin the energy around the wearer’s hands, thereby empowering their energy work / creative work. 

NOTE: These are made with either frosted or regular Rose Quartz beads, depending on your preference and what I have in stock. Please include your preference in order notes, otherwise I will ship whichever creation I currently have available (and both are Just beautiful!!).

2️⃣. Fluorite - Amethyst - Made with the energy-cleansing Fluorite, and three (a number of power) Amethyst beads. 

3️⃣. Amethyst-Hematite - Made with the vibe-elevating Amethyst beads, as well as three (a number of power) silver Hematite beads, for grounding. Stack - The second bracelet in this stack is made with half Amethyst Beads, half Lava Rock beads, making it a mobile Essential Oil diffuser. 

4️⃣. Hematite-Black Onyx - Made with the grounding and shiny silver Hematite, and three (a number of power) protective Matte Black Onyx beads. 

5️⃣. Howlite-Hematite - Made with the soothing white Howlite, and three (a number of power) grounding silver Hematite beads. Stack - the second bracelet is made with smaller Howlite beads, and metal spacers. 

6️⃣. Amazonite - Made with the earthy, forest-coloured Amazonite.  


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