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🔮Raw Amethyst "Power of Nine" Necklace

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🔮Amethyst is one of the most beautiful vibrations, connecting the wearer to the universe by helping to open the third eye, located on the forehead 👁️. It has been called the "Gem of Fire", because it carries the energy of passion, creativity, and spirituality, but it is also a stone of logic, temperance and inner balance. To learn more about the properties of Amethyst, visit the Crystal Library.

This necklace is made with a rough, unpolished Amethyst stone pendant, just the way it came from nature herself. Black and white pavè crystals on top of the stone shimmer with every movement, adding a touch of magic and decadence to this design. Finally, this powerful creation was made with 9 amethyst beads on each side, because 9 is a number of magical power, and helps to turn the necklace into a Talisman that can be used in one's spiritual journey (use for meditation, focusing and expansion🙏🏽). Hanging Length: about 37cm or 10.5". Weight: 65g.🔮 To be cleansed with sage, sound and other methods, then lovingly imbued with healing Reiki energy 🙌🏻 before shipping to you.

Materials used:

✨Semi-precious stone (amethyst)

✨High quality black glass beads

✨Sterling silver and silver-plated metal parts

✨Metal wire


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