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Handwrapped Hoop Earrings💜

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🕉These unique circles are a meditation to make, as each is carefully handwrapped in hemp-rope. To ensure that the hoops are precisely even requires breath, focus, and attention to detail - which forces me to be completely immersed in the present moment, or else risk having to make a hoop over again. Each of these pairs has its own meaning, its own vibe and its own feel, so different pairs will speak to different minds and hearts 💞. The hoops come in three different diameter sizes - 1.5”, 2” and 2.5”, which are the heaviest of the three.

➡️Please leave your preferred hoop size in order notes⬅️. The weight of these earrings is precisely balanced to create a feeling of physical grounding, as each hoop gently pulls down on a spot located on the ear 🕉. If you are interested in custom colouring, please contact me so we can design your custom hoops for you! 💓💜

Materials Used

✨Silver-plated metal hoops

✨Rosewood beads

✨Glass beads

✨Hemp rope


❌ Sold out? 😱❌

🛠Contact me to see if this can be recreated for you⛓.


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