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Arrow Dangle Earrings

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✨✌🏻Arrows direct our will, helping us to become more focused, and to move toward our goals without hesitation! When combined with the grounding Hematite, these Dangle Earrings become an amazing wearable tool that helps us to feel centered as we move forward ⚡️✨. One of my fave dangles ever!! 🥰 Length: about 4” or 10cm.

Materials used:

✨Semi-precious beads (Hematite, Grey Agate, Turquoise) 

✨Sterling Silver hooks & Silver-plated Metal parts


1️⃣. Hematite - Grounding and centering stone, shiny black metal. Helps the wearer to feel stronger in their decisions, and more grounded. 
2️⃣. Grey Agate - “Rock Beads”, representing strength. Healing, earthy stone. 
3️⃣. Turquoise - Heals the body, as well as balancing all chakras, thereby bringing a state of inner peace and tranquility to the wearer. Also attracts love and friendship. 


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