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Bast Kitty Candles

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-All MystiqShop candles are lovingly handcrafted with 100% local beeswax, and non-toxic cotton wicks, in an eco-conscious manner. Read more about Dungeon Candles.
-Egyptian goddess Bast (or Bastet) kitty candle handmade in Canada
-Bast was a ferocious, ancient goddess in the form of a lioness, then a cat; The daughter of the sun god. Use these powerful candles to tap into her energy by incorporating them into your altar, and utilizing them to power up your rituals🔥
-Comes in Power Black for protection, Hunter Green, Passion Red, & Royal Purple. Read more about candle colour magick.
-Weight: 105g; Height: ; Width: ; Burn Time: 

❗️Never leave your candle unattended ❗️
-Beeswax candles do best when placed on a level surface, away from drafts. As drafts make the fire move around the candle more, it lowers its overall lifetime.
-Note also that since your candle is 100% pure beeswax, you may notice it develop “bloom” with time. Bloom is the whitish surface that develops over the outside of the candle. It does not affect the way a candle burns, and is simply a natural process of the softer oils of the beeswax rising to the outside. 

-We ship tracked packages worldwide with canada post & UPS. Exact shipping times will show up at checkout according to your preferred shipping method. 
-Every effort has been made to reduce the cost of shipping your Mystiq items. 
-We only use recyclable & biodegradable packaging.
-We accept returns.

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