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☀️Citrine Dangles

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🌞Do you love the vibes of sunny C҉itrine as much as I do😍???🔥 These cuties are small but decadent, giving off subtle & classy boho vibes🌀. Citrine is a beautiful, creative and healing stone, bringing its wearer optimism, positivity, and a bright and cheerful outlook 🥰🌼⭐️. It’s a powerful #chakra aligner, as well, and will leave you feeling more balanced and connected to your inner child💥. Citrine is also the stone of manifestation, imagination, and willpower, as it balances the Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra, and the energy pool in the navel area, which is responsible for our sense of self🌞.These dangles are light and easy to wear, and are only 2” (5cm) long.⚡️

Each pair will be #saged 🔥,  & lovingly Imbued with healing #reiki energy before shipping to you.

Materials used

✨Semi-precious stone (Citrine) 

✨ Sterling Silver hooks

✨ Silver-plated metal parts


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