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🌲 Handmade Yule Bowl 2

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🌲 These beautiful Yule Bowls are made by David, a local artisan from London, Canada. He starts with raw cuts of wood and uses his hands to polish these unique, organic bowls into their beautiful shapes, while allowing for the tree’s natural rings & textures to remain visible. These bowls can be used as beautiful altar or home decorations, and can hold your crystals, jewelry, sacred items such as Tarot, or even fruit! This bowl also includes an Arabian Nights candle, as well as 12 MystiqRitual candles, 6 red & 6 green. These candles are completely handmade from 100% locally-sourced beeswax, with the small MystiqRituals burning for about two hours each. Bowl dimensions: 9”-9.5” diameter, 6” tall, weighs 4.4lbs. By purchasing, you are supporting two local artists!🌲