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UV Painting: “Healer’s Hand” Framed with UV Lights (24”x36”)

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I started painting when I was a child, but never have I become this entranced with a kind of paint as when I discovered Glow-in-the-Dark Art🦄💜. I first saw UV art when I began going to music events back in the early 2000s, and again in 2013, when a friend invited me to help paint a psychedelic UV mural on a bedroom wall, rekindling my fascination🌟.

The painting shown here is the culmination of many little experiments with techniques and expression with blacklight paint and the picture by no means shows all the 3D details that can be seen in person🌈. Called, “Healer’s Hand”, it shows the vibration that I feel encircling my own hand when doing Reiki... like a wave, or a heartbeat, it pulsates around my energetic body with love and a sacred balance🙏☀️. My BIGGEST painting to date at 24”x36”, this beauty is also framed and includes BUILT-IN UV LIGHTS, so it illuminates itself 💡🌈.


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