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Hematite Ankh Necklace

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-Hematite Ankh necklaces handmade in Canada
- The Ankh is an ancient and powerful Egyptian symbol representing eternal life, and these necklaces are made with giant, grounding Hematite Ankh pendants
-Includes a single, giant Tiger’s Eye bead to endow the wearer with vision of the hidden.  
-All hardware is stainless steel and sterling silver, so there shouldn’t be any fading with normal use
-End-To-End Length: 20”.

-To increase the longevity of your jewelry, keep it out of water
-Keep out of direct prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can bleach crystals.
-Wipe ocasionally with dry cloth to remove dust & oil buildup.

-We ship tracked packages worldwide with canada post & UPS. Exact shipping times will show up at checkout according to your preferred shipping method.
-Every effort has been made to reduce the cost of shipping your Mystiq items.
-We only use recyclable & biodegradable packaging.
-We accept returns.

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