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“Power Of Three” Bracelets

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All the bracelets in this collection are designed with three unique stone beads at the front, because three is a number of power and manifestation, and one bead of the same stone at the back. The bead in the back has a spiritual purpose - to create a counterbalance for the energy around the person’s hand, keeping it grounded and centered, not allowing the power to get out of control. The rest of each bracelet is made with black hematite, for further grounding and centering, and with the fire element’s Lava Rock, allowing your jewelry to become a mobile essential oil diffuser. 

➡️ Please leave wrist measurement in notes, or some idea of size (e.g., “large wrists”, “tiny wrists”), if this item is a surprise gift 🎁. ⬅️

Materials used:

✨Semi-precious beads (Black Hematite, Lava Rock, Matte Red Tiger’s Eye,) 

✨Silver-plated Metal 

✨Bracelet stretch cord


1️⃣. Matte Red Tiger’s Eye Protects, and is considered to bring good luck to its wearer. Tiger’s Eye also promotes mental clarity, allowing for decision-making that’s not clouded by emotions, whenever such a need arises. A stone that helps to dispel fear, anxiety, and negative emotions. 🐅💕

2️⃣. Pyrite



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