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-“Power Of Three” bracelets always have three beads on the front and one on the back, to highlight a certain stone’s healing power and circulate that energy from front to back of the wrist. The number 3 is also a number of power in magick, and brings more energy to your stones! Each is made with thick stretch-cord. All three bracelets are made with matte Black Onyx, to protect the wearer from having their energy drained by others. 

-💜Amethyst will raise energy towards the Crown Chakra, improve intuition, promote healing in the body, and balance all energy flow.

💗Matte Rose quartz will stimulate the energetic and physical function of the heart, helping the wearer to feel nurturing and loving toward themselves and others.

🖤Faceted Hematite will ground, balance and center the wearer as they go through their day! 

-One size fits most. Still, please leave wrist measurement in order notes to ensure it fits perfectly, and I will resize it for you before shipping! 

-To increase the longevity of your jewelry, keep it out of water, and avoid sweating in the pieces. 
-Keep out of direct prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can bleach crystals.
-Wipe ocasionally with dry cloth to remove dust & oil buildup.

-I ship tracked packages worldwide with canada post. Exact shipping times will show up at checkout according to your preferred shipping method. 
-Every effort has been made to reduce the cost of shipping your Mystiq items.
-I only use recyclable & biodegradable packaging.
-As each item is uniquely-handmade, and every effort has been made to showcase its look to you before purchase, the MystiqShop cannot accept returns at this time. If you find an issue with your item, please contact me and I will do my best to resolve it to your satisfaction. Thank you for supporting my handmade shop! ✨

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