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👽🌈 MystiqAlien Bracelet Collection

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🌈Ever feel like an alien in this world? Like maybe you don’t belong 👽? The #MystiqAlien collection is for those who feel like outsiders. The ones bold enough to wear adornments that look like they’re from another planet 👽.  This collection is made up of designs that catch the eye, bring strength, energize, and inspire.🌈 They’re unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Hematite is a grounding, centering stone, meant to help the wearer to act from a deep sense of inner strength, and these definitely feel empowering and unique. Their bright, vibrant colours and reflections remind us of magic, remind that not all is as it seems, and show us beauty. To be cleansed with sage or cedar, and reiki-imbued before shipping🙌🏻✨.

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1️⃣ Rainbow & LapisThis vibrant Rainbow Hematite and Lapis Lazuli bracelet is a unique creation 🦄💎. When combined with the grounding vibes of #Hematite, Lapis will help the wearer to channel their creativity in a more centred, clearer way. It will help the wearer with self-awareness, and communication towards others, via the #ThroatChakra, as well as stimulating compassion, honesty and integrity.

2️⃣ Chunky Rainbow & Lava Rock - Made with Rainbow Hematite chunks at the Center, these gorgeous, eye-catching bracelets contain shiny faceted rainbow beads, as well as lava rock. This makes each of these bracelets a mobile essential oil diffuser. 

3️⃣ Minimalist Rainbow & Lava RockMade with a small Rainbow Hematite chunk, and Lava Rock Beads, these bracelets are unisex and minimalist, and can be used as mobile essential oil diffusers. 

4️⃣ Rainbow & Amethyst - This bracelet also includes the vibration of a juicy piece of Amethyst, to raise the wearer’s energy toward the crown chakra, improve intuition, and being healing. 

5️⃣ All-Rainbow - Made with all Rainbow Hematite, this bracelet is part of the MystiqAlien collection, the vibrant colours of its metal evoking the sense that it's simply not from our planet. Hematite grounds and centers, while the colours remind us that it's OK to be vibrant, energetic, and colourful (sometimes we need reminders :P ).

➡️ Please leave wrist measurement in notes, or some idea of size (e.g., “large wrists”, “tiny wrists”), if this item is a surprise gift 🎁. ⬅️

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Materials used:

✨Semi-precious stones (Plated Hematite, Amethyst, Lava Rock)

✨Silver-plated metal parts 

✨Bracelet stretch cord 

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