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This set Includes:

🔥1 DUNGEON TAPER (height: 5”, width: ~1.5”, burn time: 16+ hours ) and

🔥2 DUNGEON TASTERS (height: 2”, width: ~1.5”, burn time: 4-15 hours, depending on care)

♥️Used red to invoke passion, love and romance, to energize a ritual or the space where you live.

💛Use Yellow to invoke joy, creativity and intelligence. Use when reading to aid in your focus. 

✨Each of your magickal candles was entirely uniquely-handmade by me with 100% beeswax, cotton wicks, and non-toxic, coconut-based dye (if coloured), so each will look a little different 🦄. Every candle is created and packaged using only locally-sourced materials, which means that its Carbon Footprint is the lowest it can beeeee 👣 🐝. All packaging materials are also recyclable, reusable, and, most importantly - BIODEGRADABLE , so no plastic garbage has to be created from the use of your Dungeon Candle (for more on our eco-consciousness practices, see our eco page) 🌎💕. Each is crafted with intent to raise consciousness and bring light to darkness.⚡️ 


✨Unlike the lifeless, paraffin-filled, synthetic candles we find at the local grocery store, these cuties are made of the most ancient candle material - beeswax🐝💕. Their strong, primal orange flames will fill our spaces with a natural scent that cannot be faked with added chemicals. They will also bring a uniquely-warm, ancient-time feel to your altar, your Sacred Space, your bedroom, or your workspace. Nothing compares to the warmth of beeswax candles! Beeswax 1️⃣burns longer than other waxes, and 2️⃣cleanses your air of pollutants and allergens by causing those particles to become heavy and fall to the ground, therefore removing them from your breathable air. 



Beeswax candles do best when placed on a level surface, away from drafts. As drafts make the fire move around the candle more, it lowers its overall lifetime.

Please also note that beeswax naturally melts and liquifies after a certain burning time, which means that your small Dungeon Taster candle will not retain its shape for the full 15 hours. Instead, the candle will burn for up to 4 hours before beginning to liquify. If you choose to then move your candle into a cup or a candle holder, you  can continue to burn the wax even after liquification, which will triple its lifetime to the full 15 hours. If you keep burning it without a candle holder, it will eventually simply melt all over the surface it’s on. NEVER LEAVE A CANDLE UNATTENDED❗️

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-Every effort has been made to reduce the cost of shipping your Mystiq items, including connecting with shipping companies and using the smallest boxes possible to safely ship your order.
-We only use only recyclable & biodegradable packaging materials, see our eco page.

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