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🔥MystiqRitual Beeswax Candles

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Many of you have been asking me for small ritual candles that can be used to drip wax unto lists of intentions, or unto letters that need to be sealed 📝. You’ve also been asking for tiny candles that can be allowed to burn themselves out, to mark the end of a ritual🔮 . Well, these little Beeswax cuties should be just the thing you’ve been looking for🔥! Sized 4” x 0.5”, they burn for almost 2 hours, and come in Power Black, Passion Red, Beeswax Yellow, Hunter’s Green, and Royal Purple🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜. Each is handmade by me, from beginning to end, in tiny batches of six candles at a time. I create them with intent to raise consciousness, and to enhance your space, your vibration, and your Energy Work🙌🏻🔥 .



✨ I started making these fiery beeswax beauties out of frustration with the ubiquitous, chemical-laden candles I used for the past two decades. Not only did I not feel inspired by those cheap candles’ small, white flames, but, after years of exposure to their toxic fumes, they began causing me headaches and breathing problems whenever I tried to burn them.
Unlike the lifeless, paraffin-filled, dye-infused candles we find at the local grocery store, these cuties are 100% handcrafted by me from locally-sourced beeswax🐝💕. Their strong, primal orange flames will fill our spaces with a natural scent that cannot be faked with added chemicals. They will also bring a uniquely-warm, ancient-time feel to your altar, your Sacred Space, your bedroom, or your workspace. Nothing compares to the warmth of beeswax candles! Each candle also comes with a cute information booklet 📜💕
Local candle magicians will also be able to find these  at the Mystic Bookshop in London, Canada😍🕯✨

✨Your magickal candle was entirely uniquely-handmade by me, so each will look a little different 🦄. Each candle is created and packaged using only locally-sourced materials, which means that its Carbon Footprint is the lowest it can beeeee 👣 🐝. All packaging materials are also recyclable, reusable, and, most importantly - BIODEGRADABLE , so no plastic garbage has to be created upon burning your Dungeon Candle🌎💕. 



Beeswax candles do best when placed on a level surface, away from drafts. As drafts make the fire move around the candle more, it lowers its overall lifetime.

Please also note that beeswax naturally melts and liquifies after a certain burning time, which means that your small Dungeon Taster candle will not retain its shape for the full 15 hours. Instead, the candle will burn for up to 4 hours before beginning to liquify. If you choose to then move your candle into a cup or a candle holder, you  can continue to burn the wax even after liquification, which will triple its lifetime to the full 15 hours. If you keep burning it without a candle holder, it will eventually simply melt all over the surface it’s on. NEVER LEAVE A CANDLE UNATTENDED




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