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✨3-9 Card Ascension-Focused Tarot Reading✨

✨3-9 Card Ascension-Focused Tarot Reading✨

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✨I help people deal with the symptoms, side effects and gifts associated with the process of their awakening/ascension. This may include working through issues from the past, working through organizing a life based on higher vibration, and working on healing the self and relationships with family members, friends, and the external world. Some are interested in improving their intuition, and strengthening their connection to the divine. In many cases, Tarot has proven itself to me to be a reliable method, helpful in beginning the discussion, and in elucidating an area of focus throughout the process.

✨This is accomplished by utilizing interpersonal skills, empathy, relationship-development and intuition, to improve clients' quality of life.

🃏 For more about Tarot, visit the Spirituality page.


✨Tarot session reviews can be found here.

✨Three-to-nine card Tarot reading with Marina, designed to help you figure out where to go next, as well as clarify where you're at now, and how you got here.

✨You don't have to have a specific question in mind.

✨Done over live video, and lasts up to half an hour (e.g., Facebook video, Facetime, Skype, etc.) ,

✨Some pro-bono work for those who are unable to pay, but require guidance.

✨Please leave your contact info in the order notes for scheduling (instagram, facebook, email, phone). Don't hesitate to contact me via email or social networks for any questions.

Namaste 🙏


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michelle C.
Tarot Reading

I chose to have a tarot reading because I wanted some insight on my current situation andthere was a question I needed clarity on. I wanted to see what the cards shared before i asked my question. The cards Marina pulled for me were spot on to both my question and current situation. As she pulled the cards for me I happened to spring a leak and the first card she pulled for me was
cups/water. She also pulled the hanged man for me and earlier that day before our reading i had watched a movie called hangman. I chose Marina to do my tarot reading because she is connected and intuitive, also because i love her as a being! The reading Marina gave me resonated with meto my core, I highly recommend Marina if you have a question or would like insight or clarity in your life!

Rebecca L.
Tarot Reading

Just had my first ever Tarot reading with Marina. I honestly didn’t know what to expect going into it, but I have to say it was one of the most memorable experiences! She brought me to tears with the accuracy of the reading and what she saw, and lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and erased a lot of doubt I have been having. Such a beautiful soul, she is! If you’re looking for a wonderful person to read Tarot for you (and also beautiful jewelry making!) your search is over! Marina is where you want to be! Thank you again, Marina! <3.

Allison M.
Tarot Reading

Marina is such an amazing lady! I received a Tarot reading from her this morning <3 and it not only bought tears to my eyes on how accurate it was but also provided the much needed guidance I was looking for <3 she is very clear, direct and accurate! Thank you for your guidance <3.

Beatrice P.
Tarot Reading

The Tarot experience that we had was above and beyond helpful. A truly humbling and great learning experience. I highly recommend getting a reading if you really want some clarity.

Jim D.
Tarot Reading

Had the most wonderful enlightening experience ever tonight in the form of a tarot reading from Marina. All of the cards she pulled related directly to my present situation in life and described me perfectly. This was my first experience with anything of this kind. The light went on, the switch has always been there, Marina took my hand and said turn it on. It was chilling in the best way possible. Her calm gentle demeanor was comforting and reassuring. If you're thinking about getting a reading Marina will do a wonderful job for you. Thank you my friend. Will keep in touch. Namaste.....

Meghan K.T.
Tarot Reading

A life changing reading that clearly defines what I am currently facing. I am so blessed to have met Marina and have her as my tarot reader.

Chelly C.
Tarot Reading

Marina read my tarot today. This was my first reading and I feel so much lighter. I truly believe I was given what I needed! I am soo blessed that Marina opened herself and shared with me. DO NOT hesitate or question yourselt. Open up to Marina and receive what you need!! You will not regret it.

Karen W.
Tarot Reading

I think there are people who can read tarot and then there are people who interpret tarot. Marina has a deep respect for the cards that shows in her readings. My reading was very accurate and very remedying.